The Death of a Pair of Work Boots – 10 Years of Service From a Pair of Vasque Sundowners

by Chris on April 12, 2011

This last week, I was forced to admit defeat and hang up my ten year old pair of Vasque Sundowner hiking boots. I have worn those boots while building, demolishing, hiking, digging, gardening, landscaping and everything in between. They have been my default outdoor wear. To me they are the ultimate outdoor boot. Waterproof but not overly bulky, they have served me well over the years. I knew they were on their last leg.

Just last year, I had to have some D-ring eyelets replaced by Risk Shoes in Sherman,Tx after one of my horses stepped on my foot and dragged her hoof across the boot. She ripped out a few, but the boot and my foot were relatively unscathed. After that I found the front of the sole loosening around the toe. I got some Shoe Goo and re-secured it. But 12 months later, I was faced with a sole that was only half way attached. We were camping out with the kids and I made a field expedient repair with some para cord, but I knew it was over for this fine pair of boots.

I need to buy a new pair, I can’t bear to throw the old ones out although they are trashed. Until I can order a new set,  I’m wearing my previous pair of Vasque boots. This old pair, I bought in 1993!   Back in 1993, while in college in Lubbock, TX I saved up my pennies and bought my original pair of Vasque Sundowner hiking boots.   Despite saving my toes from a chainsaw buzz and having logged many hours and mile, the only thing wrong with this pair is that the ankle collars lining is shot in both boots.

The recent death of  my second pair of Sundowners made me realize that I’ve spent half of my life wearing Vasque Sundowners.  Two pairs of boots in 18 years, despite hard use, is a pretty good track record in my opinion.  It just goes to show, that if you find a quality product, it will take care of you.

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