Feds Shut Down Amish Dairy for Good

by Chris on February 14, 2012

Last year you may remember that we talked about the FDA persecuting an Amish farmer by the name of Dan Allgyr in Pennsylvania. He was selling unpasteurized milk and it was being distributed to Washington, D.C. to willing customers who were completely aware of any possible drawbacks (as benefits for that matter.)

Well, the Feds have not stopped. They raided Dan Allgyr’s Rainbow Acres Farm again in the early morning and carried out a sting operation to catch him in the most heinous of crimes, the interstate sale of unpasteurized milk products. In Pennsylvania, the home state of Dan Allgyr’s Rainbow Acres Farm, it’s legal to sell unpasteurized milk products. But the FDA doesn’t want it to be transported to Washington, D.C. where a large number of Mr. Allgyr’s customers reside.

Dan Allgyr has chosen to shut down instead of risk drawing the further wrath of the food police. Judge Lawrence F. Stengel stated that if he is found to have violated the Federal law again, Allgyr will have to pay the FDA’s cost for investigating him and persecuting him. Of course, the FDA hasn’t disclosed just how much they have spent to persecute a dairy farmer from rural Pennsylvania for providing a product with full disclosure to willing consumers who are completely aware of the nature of unpasteurized dairy products. This witch hunt against Raw Milk has been going on since 2009 and wasted, in my opinion, taxpayer dollars.

Amish Horse Carriage Feds Shut Down Amish Dairy for Good

Quick call the FDA, They Might Be Raw Milk Smugglers!

With all of the problems in this country, I’m baffled why the FDA wastes their time and our money to persecute farmers and deny people their food rights. While I can’t argue that the Federal government has the ability to address this as interstate commerce, I do feel that our inalienable rights are are under assault.

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