Federal Food Oppression? FDA Raids Amish Farm Selling Unpasteurized Milk

by Chris on May 2, 2011

Once again, the FDA has gone after farmers and consumers interested in producing and consuming unpasteurized milk products. The FDA has spent over a years worth of resources to shut down Dan Allgyr’s Rainbow Acres Farm in Pennsylvania. Mr. Allgyr is accused of violating interstate commerce laws by selling unpasteurized milk across state lines to residents of the Washington D.C. area.

But as in previous cases of harassment against whole food producers and consumers, the consumers were in complete awareness of the unpasteurized nature of the dairy products. In fact that’s the entire reason that they were purchasing milk from Rainbow Acres Farm. People wanted the benefits of the unpasteurized product. The emerging battle for Food Rights has become a disturbing trend, as the government attempts to manage our food choices.

It’s confusing to see the current administration effectively turn a blind eye to persecuting illegal immigration or state legalized marijuana (despite both being against current federal law), but they waste tax payer resources persecuting people for wishing to provide unpasteurized milk to consumers who willingly sought out the untreated dairy product. I can see the need to “protect” the general public from unpasteurized milk products. But the customers of Mr. Allgyr were willing and glad to buy his specialized product.

In this case, the FDA with the help of U.S. Marshalls and Pennsylvania State Troopers carried out a 5 A.M. “lawful inspection” (sounds like a raid to me) in 2010. They issued a notice to Mr. Allgyr to stop selling unpasteurized milk across state lines. To Mr. Allgyr’s credit, he is accused of continuing to sell his product to willing customers. The FDA then infiltrated his “club” of whole food devotees and carried out a “sting” operation which has culminated in the Feds going to court to shut down Rainbow Acre Farms.

Amish Criminals 300x199 Federal Food Oppression? FDA Raids Amish Farm Selling Unpasteurized Milk

Do these Amish Farmers Look Like Criminals?

I have a strong libertarian streak to me, so it disturbs me to see a government meddle in the food supply of consenting adults. And it seems that it’s a horrible waste of taxpayer dollars to persecute an Amish farmer while there are certainly far worse crimes going unprosecuted.

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