When I was young, I was lucky enough to have a large group of family members who had lived through the Great Depression. They were farmers then and because of their hard work and tenacity, they weathered those tough times and continued to live in much the same way till they died. Raising a garden, canning and were things they did well past when they stopped raising cash crops.

I was also lucky enough to have a father and grandfather who instilled in me a sense that a man could learn to do just about anything with his hands that he needed to. Plumbing, electrical, building and mechanical skills were something that they nurtured in me by example.

These things led me toward a life where I have tried to incorporate self-sufficiency when I can. Hopefully, this site will help you also. Whether you are an urban homesteader working a community garden plot or a back to the land type trying to get back to basics, I hope to provide you with news and information that you can use on your journey toward self-sufficiency.

We welcome questions, suggestions and submissions. Drop us a line at admin@selfsufficiencynews.com if you have anything for us.


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